Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Importance of Vitamin D

The following information is an extract from a item on Catalyst:

Medical experts around the world are talking about a new epidemic, a health concern that may be dramatically increasing our risk of cancer, hypertension and even diabetes – it’s a lack of Vitamin D.

Some experts predict that up to 25 per cent of Australians could be Vitamin D deficient. The cause is something that’s been known for nearly a century, a lack of sunshine. There now seems to be a connection between breast, colon and prostate cancer and a lack of Vitamin D.

Even more amazing, one expert believes 25 per cent of breast cancer deaths could be avoided if the women had maintained adequate vitamin D levels throughout their life.

Catalyst’s Karina Kelly investigates research in Australia that appears to show that Vitamin D actually kills cancer cells while protecting healthy cells from sun damage.

Vitamin D can only be made by the body when sunlight falls on skin unprotected by sunscreen. This raises some big questions for Australians who have been living with the sun safe message for the last 20 years.

You can read the full interview here, it's very interesting and raises the question, "Is our sunsafe campaign to prevent skin cancer actually leaving us open to a whole host of other cancers?"

You can also read another article on the BBC News here:

How Do I Know What My Vitamin D Levels Are?

You need to ask your doctor for a blood test to test your levels.  Your levels should be over 100nmol/L.  If they are not then you need to take a supplement or get some sun on a daily basis.

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